The Bookworm has been a part of the Elkhart community for over 40 years.

Recently, in July 2015, three sisters took over ownership from long time owner, Karol Phillips. Karol has been very gracious with sharing her love of books, knowledge of small business ownership, and contacts in the community with us.

We thank her greatly for the immense learning opportunity and her support through the transition.

We look forward to the adventure of owning a bookstore together as a family, and keeping a family run tradition alive in the Elkhart Community and beyond. We are excited to see what new ideas we can infuse in making The Bookworm our own.

We have already added coffee and a small café area and have organized books and moved things around a bit. We hope to put in some arm chairs for lounging, add espresso, pastries, more new books and special order items, and move towards electronic systems and starting online sales.

Why LookItUpBookworm? We come from a large family of 10 brothers and sisters, most of whom are self-proclaimed bookworms, thanks to our tie-dye-loving, wise-cracking, bibliophile mother, Rosemary. We are very close and love to tease each other and stay connected via a family chat, even though we are spread out across the country. For the past few years, when one of us asks something another of us doesn’t know, or just to razz each other for not knowing something, we have been borrowing the saying, “Look it up, Bookworm!” from Count Olaf in Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events. When we were deciding what to name our website, we all agreed that it would be hilarious to have it be LookItUpBookworm! in the spirit of our ongoing sibling joke.



Meet the Team:

Carolina is at the helm of the company, running the day to day operations of the store. You are most likely to see her and her daughter when you come in. While not at The Bookworm, you can find Carolina involved in homeschooling activities, traveling, or working in her home garden.

Patricia is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and manages our finances and accounting from afar. She hopes to make it out to Elkhart as often as possible. Patricia works as a tax consultant and accounting; loves spending time with her daughters; and creating a healthy and active lifestyle for herself and family.

Julie lives in Portland, Oregon and manages our marketing efforts. She spends her time managing her interpreting company, involved in activities with her daughter, taking urban hikes, and helping Keep Portland Weird